ENGL BC 3158: Medieval Literature

Newly revised for this spring:

It’s easy to forget that medieval literature wasn’t always old and (to many of us) “quaint.”  For writers and artists of that era, they were modern, too.  But they also imagined their own past – their legendary heroes and heroines, their ancient Greek and Roman predecessors – and (like many of us) they often had a nostalgic yearning for that lost time.  This course will explore a number of forms of medieval literature, mostly British but also some continental, as it explores versions of its past, and especially the tragic story of Troy.  Our reading will include romances (including Arthurian tales), dream visions, saints’ lives, and lyrics.  At the core of our reading will be Geoffrey Chaucer’s heartbreaking romance tragedy Troilus and Criseyde, set in the later days of the Trojan War.  We will also explore some of the often beautiful medieval manuscripts in which these texts were copied.  We will read some Middle English texts in the original language; we’ll study French and Latin texts in translation.  

-C. Baswell, MW 4:10-5:25pm
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