Spring 2016 Barnard English Courses that Require Special Sign-up

The following is a list of spring 2016 Barnard English courses that require special sign-up. (A list of spring 2016 Barnard Film Studies courses that require special sign-up can be found on the Film Studies website.)  The need for special sign-up as well as how to do so is also stated in the prerequisites section of each course's course description in the Online Catalogue.

No Departmental Sign-up Sheets in Spring 2016

There will be no Barnard English courses with departmental sign-up sheets for the spring 2016 semester (There will, however, be one for Film Studies; please check its website).  Some courses that have required departmental sign-up in the past will be L courses this year; see the L course section lower on this page.

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L Courses

The following courses will be L courses for Barnard students and signing up for them is handled by the Registrar directly.  (Please note that the L course sign-up process does not apply to Columbia students.) This list includes some courses that have, in the past, required departmental sign-up—but the following courses will NOT have a sign-up sheet this year and will have their enrollment capped online instead.  Please read the following list carefully:

ENGL BC3091: The English Conference
ENGL BC3104: The Art of the Essay
- registered and interested students MUST attend the first day of class.
ENGL BC3130: The American Cowboy and the Iconography of the West
ENGL BC3133: Early Modern Women Writers
ENGL BC3142: Major English Texts II
ENGL BC3146: Walk This Way
ENGL BC3147: Introduction to Narrative Medicine
ENGL BC3160: The English Colloquium
- open only to Barnard English majors.
ENGL BC3164: Shakespeare II
ENGL BC3169: Renaissance Drama
ENGL BC3183: American Literature Since 1945
ENGL BC3185: Modern British and American Poetry

ENGL BC3193: Critical Writing - open only to Barnard students.
ENGL BC3196: Home to Harlem: Black Renaissance Literature
ENRE BC3810: Literary Approaches to the Bible

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Courses that Require Instructor Permission

ENGL BC3121: Public Speaking - limited enrollment; attend the first day of class to receive instructor permission. Permission will NOT be granted in advance.

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Courses that Require a Writing Sample to Apply

A writing sample is required to apply to creative writing courses. As space is limited in creative writing courses, not all students who apply are guaranteed admittance.  If a student simply adds the course to myBarnard or SSOL without submitting a writing sample, it will NOT ensure their enrollment.  Directions and the required cover sheet for writing samples are available in the English Department Office (417 Barnard Hall) as well as on the Forms section of this website.  Writing samples with cover sheets should be submitted either to writingsamples@barnard.edu or to Prof. Szell's mailbox in 417 Barnard Hall by 4pm a week before classes begin (January 12th for the Spring 2016 semester).  Admit lists will be posted on the Admit Lists section of this website as the department receives them from the professors. Students cannot add these courses to their schedules until after they are admitted. If an admit list is not posted for a class before its first meeting, attend it.

ENGL BC3106: Fiction & Personal Narrative
ENGL BC3108: Introduction to Fiction Writing

ENGL BC3110: Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL BC3114: Playwriting II
ENGL BC3116: Story Writing II
ENGL BC3120, section 1: Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL BC3120, section 3: Creative Non-Fiction: Gendered Memoir

ENGL BC3125: Advanced Poetry Writing 
ENGL BC3126: Advanced Projects in Prose Writing

Courses Requiring their own Application Process

There are no courses requiring their own application process in spring 2016.

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Courses with Enrollment Run by Lottery

PLEASE NOTE that ENGL BC3160: The English Colloquium will NOT be run by lottery in spring 2016.  Please see the L course section of this page.

Enrollment in ENGL BC3998: Senior Seminar is limited to Barnard senior (May 2016) and rising senior (February 2017) English majors.  Sign-up for these sections is accomplished through an online process. Qualified students may access it through myBarnard during the open access period (from noon on Wednesday, November 4th until noon on Thursday, November 11th).  Results will be posted the next day, November 12th, at noon.  If you believe that you should be able to access the lottery but are unable to, please check that the Registrar's Office has your major and graduation year listed correctly on myBarnard.  If you still cannot access the lottery, please email spasadin@barnard.edu. Please note that there won't be a film/literature section in spring 2016.


Students may also find it helpful to know that a list of spring 2016 Barnard Film Studies courses that have special sign-up procedures can be found on the Film Studies websiteAny questions about English or Film Studies sign-ups that are not answered above may be directed to english@barnard.edu.

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