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Department of English
417 Barnard Hall
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Tel. 212-854-2116
Fax. 212-854-9498
Email: english@barnard.edu

Department Chair: Prof. Lisa Gordis

Sarah Pasadino, Administrator
Rio Santisteban, Department Assistant

PLEASE NOTE: The Barnard Department of English does not teach how to read or speak the language of English. For information on Columbia University-affiliated programs which teach the reading, writing, or speaking of English, visit our Quick Links page.

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Barnard English Department in the News:

  • The Columbia Daily Spectator announced English as the most currently popular major at Barnard and commends the department for offering the most concerned and helpful advising program.  Of their 11 "Great Courses," three are offered by the Barnard English Department: Jennie Kassanoff’s American Fiction, Bashir Abu-Manneh’s Cultures of Colonialism, and Mary Gordon’s writing classes.
  • Joseph Berger observed in his article in The New York Times (September 19, 2007) that "Barnard has helped an exceptionally large group of women become distinguished contemporary writers."

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