Admit Lists

Creative Writing Class Lists, Spring 2019

A writing sample is required to apply to all Barnard creative writing courses. As space is limited in creative writing courses, not all students who apply are guaranteed admittance.

Students are unable to self-register for Barnard creative writing courses. Interested students who have submitted writing samples may put the course on their online schedule, which will automatically place them on the wait list. If they are accepted, the professor will take them off the wait list, but until that time no one is officially registered for the class.

Directions on how to apply to creative writing courses are available on the Forms section of this website

The submission deadline for the spring 2019 semester is January 7th, 2019.  Admit lists will be posted as the department receives them from the professors.  If an admit list is not posted for a class before its first meeting, attend it.

Please Note: If you are accepted into a creative writing course, attendance at the first meeting of of the course is mandatory.  If you do not show up for the first class, your spot may be given to someone else.

Please reach out to Nia Judelson at if you have not been placed in a writing course, and would like to be added to a waitlist.


ENGL BC3106: Fiction and Personal Narrative  
(W 4:10-6)
Instructor A. Solomon
Location: BAR 406 

Bloom Olivia
Frederikson Carly
Hussain Kadijah
Palmer Emma
Anderson Lillian
McCreary Frances
Mahoeny Meaghan
Coyle Katie
Draper Isabel
Farina Alexandra
Kane Lily

ENGL BC3108: Introduction to Fiction Writing
(T 2:10-4)
Instructor: W. Wang

Arlow Jake
English Olivia
Jao Sophia
Liu Simone
Lui Yudi
Nace Franziska
Puma Jessina
Runwal Sanya
Schettino Isabela
Tong Julia

ENGL BC3110: Introduction to Poetry Writing
(M 4:10-6)
Instructor: A. Dimitrov

Ferguson Kay
Jensen Andrea
Liu Qian
Lowry Amelia
O'Connor Lucy
Odell Clara
Petitt Audrey
Pierce Mark
Potapenko Vladimir
Ward Maura
Wong Yiu
Young Halle

ENGL BC3114: Playwriting II
(R 4:10-6)
Instructor: K. Tolan

Abrams Gracie
Iwu Onyekachi
Lam Nina
Mayer Daisy
Moscowitz Anna
Pharel Phanesia
Ruzic Dora
Salwen Allison
Stein Noah
Wilcenski Ani
Wink Jack

ENGL BC3116: Story Writing II
Instructor: M. Gordon

Bryant Jenna
Comas-Short Ana
Kam Erica
Levy Sophie
Patafio Sarah
Suchodolski Veronica
Samuel Sarah
Phillips Claire
Mahan Emily
Kaplan Juliana
Sibul Maya
Stern Eleanor

ENGL BC3125: Advanced Poetry Writing II
(T 11-12:50)
Instructor: P. Jones 

Ambelious Virginia
Bannister Sophia
Botomon Eleanor
Campbell Tyler
Drago Taylor
Levine Jade
Levitch Perry
Lewis Amber
Moss-Horwitz Eliza
Nemeth Genevieve
Tran Angela
Valoth Saipriya

ENGL BC3134: Creative Non-Fiction
(W 12-1:50)
Instructor: M. Field

Beall Bannon
Eisen Baila
Fleischer Michaela
Luo Rachel
Nisonoff Elena
Papazian Marie
Pontious Alexandria
Rubenstein Hannah
Talpey Emily

ENGL BC3150: Invention and Revision
(T 2:10-4)
Instructor: J. Boylan
Location: MTLC 111

Burger Charlotte
Chiu Kalena
Durso Sophia
Fasman Adam
Iida Kate
Karliner Sophia
Levey Claudia
Lim Evan
Novak Michal
Shealey Izabella
Zwirner Johana

ENGL 3152: Creative Nonfiction: The Queer Story
(W 2:10-4)
Instructor: J. Boylan

Tillet Hayley
Strauss Caroline
Crist Mo
Robinson Emily
Ferguson Kay

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