Admit Lists

Creative Writing Class Lists, Spring 2018

A writing sample is required to apply to all Barnard creative writing courses. As space is limited in creative writing courses, not all students who apply are guaranteed admittance.

Students are unable to self-register for Barnard creative writing courses. Interested students who have submitted writing samples may put the course on their online schedule, which will automatically place them on the wait list. If they are accepted, the professor will take them off the wait list, but until that time no one is officially registered for the class.

Directions on how to apply to creative writing courses are available on the Forms section of this website

The submission deadline for the spring 2018 semester is 11:59pm, January 2, 2018.  Admit lists will be posted as the department receives them from the professors.  If an admit list is not posted for a class before its first meeting, attend it.

Please Note: If you are accepted into a creative writing course, attendance at the first meeting of of the course is mandatory.  If you do not show up for the first class, your spot may be given to someone else.

ENGL BC3106: Fiction and Personal Narrative 

(M 2:10-4:00)
Instructor K. Zambreno

Class List:

Kalena Chiu
Courtney Jefferson
Mya Nunnally
Sophia Marina
Jaya Subrahmanyan
Elizabeth Irvin
Shah Simmone
Allisen Lichtenstein
Nina Kawam
Rowan Hepps-Keaney
Cybele Mayes-Osterman
Olivia McCall

ENGL BC3108: Introduction to Fiction Writing 

(R 2:10-4:00)
Instructor: A. Solomon

Class List:

Kathryn Fasano
Haneya Hasan
Michal Novak
Elizabeth Schweitzer
Ariana Chuback
Julia Multedo
Alysha Hudson
Katherine Tsang
Kathryn Brady
Jenna Bryant
Lila Sohr
Aide Najera


ENGL BC3110: Introduction to Poetry Writing

(W 2:10-4:00)
Instructor: R. Good

Class List:

Leah Schwartz
Emily Weitzman
Taylor Drago
Marie Papazian
Eliza Siegel
Sumin Lee-Jeong
Eliza Moss-Horowitz
Chloe Worthington
Saipriya Valoth
Anna Moskow
Anna Sugrue
Veronica Suchodolski


ENGL BC3114: Playwriting II

(R 4:10-6:00)
Instructor: K. Tolan

Class List:  

Lauren Alcindor
Eliza Bayroff
Julia Betancourt
Sarah Billings
Darcy Cagen
Nancy Collins
Kaitlin Coyle
Sandy Gooen
Sara Larner
Louisa Melcher
Claire Phillips
Alessandra Stearns


ENGL BC3116: Story Writing II

(T 2:10-4:00)
Instructor: M. Gordon

Class List:  

Cary Chapman
Carolina Gonzalez
Elizabeth Harding
Hannah Kofman
Nia Judelson
Elizabeth Lee
Alexandra Longo
Nora Mathison
Alexandra Oshinsky
Chunxiao Yang
Maura Ward
Kataeya Wooten

ENGL BC3122: Creative Non-Fiction: The Gendered Memoir

(M 6:10-8:00)
Instructor: J. Finney Boylan

Class List:

Caitlin McCormick
Grace Hargis
Gabriela Hoberman
Jake Arlow
Spencer George
Dustin Smith
Hayley Wade
Emma Toner
Sophie Levy
Noa Kattler Kupetz
Pharel Phanesia
Hana Rivers

ENGL BC3125: Advanced Poetry Writing II

(T 10:10-12:00)
Instructor: C. Barnett

Class List:

Asha Futterman
Jeremy Laureta
Eleonor Botoman
Chloe Morris
Michelle Xu
Sarah Barlow-Oschschorn
Lena Rubin
Allison Humphrey
Caroline Kelly
Charlotte Rauner
Hannah Kraft

ENGL BC3134: Creative Non-Fiction

(W 4:10-6:00)
Instructor: S. Hartman

Class List:  

Ophira Berenholz
Julia Kelly
Paris Parker-Loan
Maria MacArdle
Julia Silver
Kathleen Drake
Morgan Becker
Gia Lappe
Rachel Tsuna
Breana Hinds
Molly Breitbart

ENGL BC3150: Invention, Revision, and Imagination

(T 4:10-6:00)
Instructor: J. Boylan

Class List:  

Kristin Arsenault
Liora Fishman
Nina Lam
Sara Samuel
Maya Sibul
Amelia Roskin-Frazee
Shenel Ekici-Moling
Mabel Taylor
Juliana Kaplan
Antonia Georgieva
Ani Wilcenski
Molly Breitbart


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