Screenwriter's CompassBy Guy Gallo, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Barnard College.
Focal Press, March 2012.

Ever watch a movie – great production values, fantastic action sequences, stellar cast – and come away thinking: just didn't buy it? Chances are it was because you didn't care about the characters. Screenwriter's Compass presents a new way of approaching screenwriting, examining how effective screen storytelling must be grounded in the vivid imagining and presentation of character.

Screenwriter's Compass will not offer formulas to follow but instead will give you the tools needed to chart your own path to screenwriting success. It details useful ways of thinking about writing, practical ideas and concepts to help you discover the unique geography of your own imagination and navigate the problems posed by the struggle to express vision, agenda, and story.  You'll learn how to root your writing in motivation and voice, to create screenplays that seduce, that make your reader lean forward, and, most importantly, identify with your characters.