Requirements for the English Minor

A minor in English consists of a minimum of five English courses
(three of which must be qualifying Barnard or Columbia courses).

  1. One from either Chaucer (ENGL BC 3154 or 3155), Shakespeare (ENTH BC 3136, ENGL BC 3163 or 3164), or Milton (ENGL BC 3167).
  2. Two additional courses in English and American literature before 1900, including ENTH BC 3137, certain seminar courses from ENGL BC 3129 through ENGL BC 3137 if the seminar topic is historically appropriate (please check with the English Department), ENGL BC 3141, and ENGL BC 3154 - 3180. (For more details, visit our more extensive description on the Substitutions page.)
  3. Two electives from ENGL BC 3103 - 3810 (excluding The English Conference). 

How to declare an English minor.


Page last updated 1/19/13