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Colloquium Pre-1900 From Outside Department


Colloquium Substitutions

ENGL BC 3159 & 3160 are required of majors in the junior year.  All sections of 3159 (fall semester) are on the literature of the Renaissance; all sections of 3160 (spring semester) are on the literature of the Enlightenment.

Students may substitute 3 courses for the two semesters of Junior Colloquium, all pertaining to material written before 1800.  At least one of these three must cover material before 1660 (i.e., Medieval or Renaissance); at least one other, material of the 17th or 18th century.

Students may also take 1 colloquium and 2 substitutions (both pertaining to material written before 1800), as long as one of the substitutions covers material from the same period as the colloquium it replaces.

In either case, one of the courses used as a substitute for either the fall or spring Colloquium will also count towards satisfying the "before 1900" requirement.

Courses which can serve as Colloquium substitutes include:

  • Certain seminar courses from ENGL BC 3129 through ENGL BC 3137 if the seminar topic is historically appropriate (please check with the English Department)
  • Only one of the Shakespeare courses: (ENGL BC 3163, 3164 or ENTH BC 3136)
  • ENTH BC 3137, ENGL BC3154 through 3158, 3165, 3166, 3167, and 3169
  • ENGL BC 3173, 3174 (or W4301), and 3179

To see if other courses qualify, consult with your major adviser or the Chair of the English Department..

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Courses in Literature Written before 1900

Qualifying courses can include ENTH BC 3136, ENTH BC 3137, certain seminar courses from ENGL BC 3129 through ENGL BC 3137 if the seminar topic is historically appropriate, ENGL BC 3141 and ENGL BC 3154 through 3180, excluding the Colloquia. (If you have substituted two or three courses for the Colloquium requirement, one of the substitutions will count towards fulfillment of this requirement.)

Note: As the Columbia course offering includes comparative literature courses, please consult with the Barnard English department chair before enrolling in a Columbia course to satisfy a major requirement, especially the requirement in courses before 1900..

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Substituting with Courses from Other Departments

ENGL BC 3193: Critical Writing (formerly called Literary Criticism & Theory) must be taken in the Barnard English Department.  Other Barnard or Columbia courses may qualify for other requirements as long as the substitution closely matches the general description of the course it is replacing. 

To Qualify as a Substitution:
For a literary period requirement, the substituting course must cover material from the same literary period covered by the course it is replacing, not just include some of that period's material in a larger range of literature.  With the approval of the Chair of the Barnard English Department, one literature course taken outside the department in English translation or in another language can count as an elective for the English major.  If your adviser or the Chair is not familiar with the course (even if given at Columbia), you must provide the syllabus.

The English Department requires that six of the ten courses required for graduation as an English major be taken at Barnard or Columbia.

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