Departmental Forms

(For information on how to use or submit these forms, please visit our Forms & Procedures page or follow the instructions written on the specific form.)

To apply for a Creative Writing Course:

  • Fill out the required Google Form, following all listed instructions. 
  • Please choose three courses to which you'd like to apply.
  • Make sure your the name of your writing sample file contains the following:
    • Your first name
    • Your last name
    • Your UNI
  • Submit the appropriate Google Form with your writing sample attached by 11:59pm,
    August 13, 2019.
  • Writing Sample Guidelines:
    • Writing samples should be creative and appropriate to the courses requested: 4-6 pages of fiction or personal narrative for prose writing courses, 3-4 pages of poetry for poetry writing, a scene or short story with dialogue for playwriting.
    • They should be neat, typed, and double-spaced.
    • They should not be expository or primarily analytical. No genre fiction (e.g., fantasy, zombies, YA, etc.), please.
  • Please Note:
    • Students are unable to self-register for Barnard creative writing courses. Once students put the course on their online schedule, they will be automatically placed on the wait list.  If they are accepted, the professor will take them off the wait list, but until that time no one is officially registered for the class.
    • You may not enroll in two creative writing courses simultaneously. (Please also note that screenwriting courses are part of the Film Studies Program and have their own sign-up process. However, if you are admitted to a screenwriting course in addition to a creative writing course, you are strongly advised to take only one writing class in any given semester.)
    • Admit lists for writing courses will be posted on the bulletin board near Prof. Szell's office (423 Barnard Hall), on the departmental bulletin board across from 417 Barnard Hall, and on the English Department website.
    • Because writing courses generally have more applicants than available places, you should have an alternative course in mind. Students cannot add writing courses to their schedules until after they are admitted.
    • The instructor will assume that any student absent from the first class meeting is no longer interested in enrolling and will remove that student's name from the list, including the waiting list if there is one.
    • Questions may be directed to Prof. Timea Szell, Director of Creative Writing at

To Apply for a Writing Concentration:

  • Fill out the Google Form application for Creative Writing Concentration.  For the 2018-2019 academic year, the deadline for the creative writing concentration is Friday, April 19, 2019 (11:59pm).
    This form is only to apply for the English major's writing concentration: students who are accepted still need to declare their writing concentration (see the Declaration of Writing Concentration Form lower on this page). For details on how and when to apply for this concentration, visit the Writing Concentration requirements page.

To Declare a Writing Concentration:

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To Apply for a Special Project / Independent Study:

Please note: all paperwork for Special Projects and Independent Study must be completed, signed, and turned in to the English Department Administrator by 4pm on the day BEFORE the last day of the final Program Filing Period for the semester (occuring in September for the fall semester and January for the spring semester).

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To Obtain Credit for Summer Classes:

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Self-Audits for an English Major or Concentration:

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