Polly Devlin

Adjunct Professor

Professor Devlin is a graduate of St. Mary's College Belfast where she obtained a degree in Speech and Drama.  She began her first work at Vogue magazine at the age of 21.  She remained the features editor there for three years until she became a full page columnist at the Evening Standard.  She was awarded the OBE for services in literature in 1994.

Professor Devlin has written seven books, one of which was serialized on Radio 4 for over thirteen weeks. In her four years (1983-1987) at Beaconsfield, a National Film school, Professor Devlin directed a documentary.  She has also been literary judge for the Irish Times and the Booker Prize as well as a roving art critic for the International Herald Tribune.  She is currently a regular panelist on the BBC radio program Round Britain Quiz.  Professor Devlin has been published in over 10 newspapers and magazines.

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