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Eugene Petracca

Term Assistant Professor




250 LeFrak Center
W 2-4pm


Eugene Petracca received his PhD from Columbia in 2020. His doctoral thesis, "Toward a Supreme Fiction: Dante, Chaucer and the Dream of the Rose," examines the transnational background of medieval dream poetry as formative influence on the writings of Dante and Chaucer. He completed his undergraduate studies at Brown University and Pembroke College, Cambridge, graduating from Brown with a concurrent BA/MA in English and Classics in 2008. Research interests include late-medieval poetry, world literature and translation, the long reach of Greco-Roman antiquity, and theoretical approaches to literary analysis, especially those informed by German idealism, deconstruction and psychoanalysis. His article "Ethics, Antisemitism and The Prioress's Tale: A Reparative Approach" was published by Exemplaria in 2020.

  • ENGL BC3154 Chaucer Before Canterbury
  • ENGL BC3159, section 4 The English Colloquium (Renaissance)
  • ENGL BC3160, section 4 The English Colloquium (Enlightenment)