No Women Poets Contest Held in the Fall of 2014

We regret that there will be no contest held in the fall of 2014 and there will be no 2015 Barnard Women Poets Prize. But please check our website in the summer of 2015 for a further announcement. Thank you for your interest in the Barnard Women Poets Prize, and best of luck with your work.

Women Poets at Barnard 2013 Poetry Prize

The 2013 Women Poets Prize has been awarded to Sandra Lim.


The Barnard Women Poets Prize is given bi-annually for an exceptional second collection of poems written by an American woman who has already published one book of poetry (in an edition of 500 copies or more).

  • Prize — $1,500 and publication by W.W. Norton & Co.
  • Entry fee — $20, payable in check to Women Poets at Barnard
  • Submissions — Accepted from August 1 to October 15, 2012.

The manuscript to be considered (three copies), cover letter (naming the title and publisher of the applicant's first collection), and entry fee should be sent to:

Women Poets at Barnard
Barnard College
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

The winner will be announced in April 2013.

The contest is open to U.S. women poets who have already published one book of poetry. The first collection should have been a full-length book, printed in an edition of 500 or more copies. Chapbooks do not qualify.

A qualified applicant should submit three copies of her book-length manuscript with a cover letter naming the title and publisher of her first collection. Although a writer may submit a manuscript that has been entered in other contests, any manuscript under option to another publisher is not eligible. (Please note that any entries that are encumbered will be disqualified.) Page-limit is not specified. Because the prize is given to a poet who has already published a first book, the manuscripts are not read anonymously. Every qualified manuscript will be read with care by the panel of judges and the chief judge, who changes every year.

The entry fee is $20, payable in check to Women Poets at Barnard. Submissions will be accepted between August 1, 2012 and October 15, 2012. (Please note that submissions received before August 1, 2012, will not be accepted.) Winners will be contacted directly in the spring of 2013.

Please send manuscripts and fees to Women Poets at Barnard, Barnard College, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027. Email questions to Saskia Hamilton at

The contest was not conducted during the 2011-12 academic year since the prize is given biennially.  The winner of the 2011 Barnard Women Poets Prize is Traci Brimhall.  Carolyn Forché served as judge.  For more details, read the entire press release.

For more about the history of the Prize or to order past publications, click here.

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